Video Production pricing


Small Business Package

The small business package is designed with story-telling and discovery in mind. Before every production we spend a lot of time getting to know the business and the underlying story they want to tell. This gives us a real insight into why you do what you do, and allows us to create an emotional connection with the viewer and start to build a relationship.

These videos work great for social media, but can also be used in other places as well. This is the starter package, but please get in contact with me if you have something specific in mind and I’d love to help out!


  • 45-90 second 4K resolution commercial

  • 1.5 hours planning time with client before shoot

  • Pre-production (scripting, storyboarding, researching etc.)

  • Half-day shoot on location

  • Cinematic lighting and Camera provided

  • 2 Revisions on final edit

Starting from $999.00


Bespoke Wedding Package

Weddings are a beautiful thing. Whether there is 4 guests or 400, we strive to document the beautiful moments of the day that you’ll want to remember.

We always have at least two videographers filming a wedding, and this means we can be in two places at once. We also care deeply about creating a cinematic look in each film, and we do this by utilising natural light and using professional lighting gear to make every moment stand out.

We also offer packages with a photographers, full ceremony edits and different coverage options so please don’t hesitate to get in contact here:


  • 2 Videographers

  • Up to 8 hours coverage

  • 4-6 minute highlight film hosted online

  • Filmed in cinematic 4K resolution

Starting from $2499.00


Music Video Package

From metal bands to jazz bands to rappers, we do it all.

Music videos are a chance for us to flex our creative muscles, and we love doing it. We start talking to the client about their vision, which could be very specific, or have a lot of room for creativity. We then plan how we will achieve their goal, and start the storyboarding process.

We love shooting in interesting locations, from beaches to warehouses to studios. We have a large collection of professional gear at our disposal, and the ability to source more specialised gear if needed.


  • 3-6 Minute music video shot in 4K resolution

  • 1.5 hours pre-planning with client

  • Full day shooting on location

  • Director and DoP provided for full day

Starting at $1199.00


For all other pricing inquiries, please contact Ben here or at